A tasty experience of history

Visiting the GDR museum is hungry work, especially now that it has doubled in size. What luck that you can now satisfy your appetite in our new GDR Restaurant.

What better addition to the banks of the Spree than a GDR restaurant - the Domklause, re-established in its original location at the Palasthotel?

In its extravagant setting - a theme alternating between wearing Socialist rhetoric and Ronald Paris' mural "In Praise of Communism" - the GDR restaurant Domklause serves an authentic and tasty experience of history. Our Head Chef Hans-Jürgen Leucht, Sous Chef in the original Domklause serves "Broiler with a hearty side dish", Jägerschnitzel with a zesty tomato sauce or a steak - all according the original GDR recipe.

Guten Apetit!